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Sample Daily Email Summary (Feb 20)


Happy Leap Day -


Today we rated 3 articles as important and 4 as optional (though a few have some interesting elements).
        • OpenAI Claims the Times Cheated to Get ChatGPT to Regurgitate Articles

          • Rating: Important
          • Rationale: AI leaders need an answer when asked about copyright concerns. While this article doesn't provide new news, OpenAI's filing contains more detail on what the Times did to get the model to spit out its content verbatim and provides AI leaders with good info. The filing is also an entertaining read - would recommend for your weekend.

        • StarCoder 2 is a Code-Generating AI That Runs on Most GPUs

          • Rating: Optional
          • Rationale: Replicates some nice features we already highlighted as now available through GitHub Copilot Enterprise yesterday. Living in the shadows here...

        • Sequence Modeling and Design from Molecular to Genome Scale with Evo

          • Rating: Optional, but Important for Life Sciences
          • Rationale: Not pertinent for the average AI leader, but potentially transformative for professionals in life sciences and research by enabling more complex genetic sequence modeling, optional news for others.

        • Ideogram Raises $80 Million

          • Rating: Optional
          • Rationale: This model excels at accurate text within images, so important for marketers (and meme creators!). The fundraising achievement signals significant investor interest (Andreesen is in this), and our tests show the product is good. But performance likely to be matched by bigger fish. Check out the image of the chicken made of fried chicken, though, for a laugh.

        • France Had No Prior Knowledge of Microsoft Mistral Deal

          • Rating: Optional
          • Rationale: Drama and noise. Irrelevant.


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