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GenAI Daily News Briefing: Ratings

Date Rating Title Rationale
02/20/2024 Important The Shift from Models to Compound AI Systems The evolution towards more complex, integrated AI systems is a key trend in the field, underscoring the importance of understanding and leveraging multiple models for improved AI applications.
02/20/2024 Important Air Canada must pay refund promised by AI chatbot, tribunal rules Highlights the legal and ethical implications of AI promises, serving as a cautionary tale for businesses on the importance of aligning AI actions with company policies and obligations. AI leaders will be held accountable for fails like this.
02/20/2024 Important Groq AI model goes viral Introduces advancements in AI processing speed and efficiency aided by new hardware that could compete with GPUs at some point, potentially impacting a wide range of AI applications and industries. While not essential at the moment, it's an important development to keep an eye on for future implications.
02/20/2024 Optional Glass Consult is our NEW clinical reference chatbot Offers advancements in clinical decision support for healthcare professionals. Its specialized nature makes it of limited relevance to a broader audience.
02/20/2024 Optional NBA Shows Off "NB-AI" Generative AI Tool to Personalize Basketball Game Viewing Showcases potential advancements in sports media personalization. Some of us were impressed by the capabilities - John was not :)
02/20/2024 Optional How Westpac is using Generative AI to speed up software development Demonstrates the power of GenAI in coding assistance but that use case is quickly becoming tables stakes, so not an essential development (though if your developers are not yet using such tools, get on it.)
02/21/2024 Essential You should be playing with GPTs at work If you aren't yet building personal GPTs to use at work you're missing out on more productivity and thus more coffee breaks :) This article shares 20 GPTs real people have built for themselves. Some of our faves included using a GPT to create technical documentation, fully cloning yourself, and a product copy tool that let's engineers and others who might not be natural writers create good copy.
02/21/2024 Important Quantum-Enhanced Generative AI Generates Viable Cancer Drug Candidates While the researchers admit they did not test whether their computation could be done as fast or well using classical computing, the potential for hybrid computing using AI and quantum is one for AI leaders to keep track of as it could become a viable option soon.
02/21/2024 Optional Adobe Acrobat adds generative AI to ‘easily chat with documents’ Our reaction: it's about time Adobe offered this obvious PDF-assistance capability (which shows how far we've come with GenAI - two years ago we would have been blown away by this use case). Adobe offers this for free now, but plans to charge in the future - will people be willing to pay? We're skeptical given other tools people are paying for can do this.
02/21/2024 Optional Bioptimus raises $35 million seed round to develop AI foundational model focused on biology The substantial seed funding and the focus on a foundational AI model specifically for biology reflect the shift towards specialized AI models in life sciences. TBD how effective the model will be but important for those in life sciences to track.
02/21/2024 Optional Scale AI to set the Pentagon's path for testing and evaluating large language models This is only about testing and creating standards for LLMs for the military, so not relevant to most. But we're surprised the DoD would only look to one vendor (and why ScaleAI?) for help with this - perhaps there are others working on it that haven't been announced.
02/22/2024 Important Microsoft and Intel strike a custom chip deal that could be worth billions Marks a significant partnership in the chip industry, potentially reshaping market dynamics and highlighting strategic collaboration between two tech giants.
02/22/2024 Important Nvidia's Q4 revenues hit $22.1B, up 265% from a year ago Reflects the tremendous demand for AI compute that's showing no signs of slowing down. The question is: When will we see the massive chips investments yield equally massive revenue gains? The pressure is on you to deliver, AI leaders.
02/22/2024 Important AI Beyond LLMs: Benchmarking the Complex Reasoning Performance of GPT-4 and EC AI Focuses on the evolution of AI technology beyond LLMs alone, emphasizing the importance of complex reasoning capabilities in AI's development and combining models to achieve superior results in complicated tasks like planning.
02/22/2024 Important ChatGPT bug leads to unpredictable outputs The incident highlights the need for reliability in AI applications, important for developers and businesses relying on AI models like GPT-4. Reminder that these models are still unstable.
02/22/2024 Optional Adtech pioneers launch AI startup to empower publishers and brands at ˜crucial moment™ Optional because this offering is not yet available, but could significantly transform the web ad space. Plans to enable companies to embed agents in third-party web content that consumers can interact with. Could become the new "ad."
02/22/2024 Optional Google launches two new open LLMs Yet another announcement of a somewhat open source model (weights released, but training data not and usage limited). However, of note - Hugging Face leaderboard shows this model outperforming other 7B ones like Llama.
02/22/2024 Optional China's Moonshot AI zooms to $2.5B valuation, raising $1B for an LLM focused on long context The significant investment underscores China's commitment to AI development, yet its immediate impact is seen as more relevant to those deeply invested in AI advancements, particularly within China.
02/22/2024 Optional RESEARCH: LongRoPE: Extending LLM Context Window Beyond 2 Million Tokens Represents an interesting development in AI research to significantly expand context windows, but it's only research at this point.
02/23/2024 Essential Google pauses AI tool Gemini's ability to generate images of people after historical inaccuracies Underscores the necessity of rigorous testing and the potential repercussions of deploying AI tools without it. Disappointing to see Google again making a mistake.
02/23/2024 Essential Pfizer is building a new generative AI platform for pharma marketing Pfizer's deployment of an AI platform for marketing purposes illustrates the growing acceptance and integration of AI technologies in sectors where accuracy and compliance are paramount. Includes system to flag sensitive content for extra review. Also interesting to see Publicis, a company threatened by GenAI content creation tools, now building these tools for clients as part of their business model - kudos to them!
02/23/2024 Optional Stable Diffusion 3 The introduction of Stable Diffusion 3 represents ongoing innovation in AI-generated imagery. However, we rated as optional due to its limited release status.
02/23/2024 Optional ChatGrid: A new generative AI tool for power grid visualization Great to see development for another use case in a sensitive industry, but unsure how likely it is that grid operators will grab this off of GitHub and put it to use given such sensitivity.
02/23/2024 Optional The Justice Department gets a chief AI officer The government is following through on the plans laid out in the AI Executive Order, but this isn't a critical read. However, if you're an AI leader looking for a change, note that the government is hiring many CAIOs right now.
02/26/2024 Important Salesforce Unveils Tableau Pulse for Faster Decision Making with GenAI This upgrade integrates generative AI into decision-making tools, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for Salesforce's extensive user base. Integrations into tools like this is how most people will interact with GenAI in the coming months and years.
02/27/2024 Essential Your Organization Isn't Designed to Work with GenAI Crucial for AI leaders to understand organizational adaptation for effective GenAI integration. You need to focus on enabling a collaborative dialogue between humans and AI as opposed to simply taking a capability out of human hands and putting it into machines.
02/28/2024 Important GitHub Copilot Enterprise Hits General Availability GitHub Copilot Enterprise includes some useful new capabilities like internal search and ability to incorporate an organization's own code and knowledge base.
03/11/2024 Essential Introducing Devin, the first AI software engineer While much of this functionality has been available for some time, this tool makes code generation and debugging fully autonomous, marking a step forward. Software engineers will still be needed and, in fact, their skill level must be very high to be able to guide this tool when it messes up. Companies are going to be able to do a lot more software development and upgrading going forward, removing current bottlenecks.
03/11/2024 Optional Amazon, Google Quietly Tamp Down Generative AI Expectations We usually like The Information's reporting, but this piece is off the mark. Yes, revenue for cloud providers won't be as significant as expected, but we know companies are using GenAI in areas like customer service (Walmart, Wells Fargo, AT&T to name just a few) where this article claims they aren't.
03/11/2024 Optional Building Meta's GenAI Infrastructure We already knew Meta's plans for building up compute capacity to 600,000 Nvidia H100s. Perhaps they published this info to reiterate their dedication to openness and attract scarce talent.
03/11/2024 Optional Midjourney is testing a highly requested “consistent characters” feature Midjourney's development of a feature for consistent character generation was discussed as an important advancement for those in creative industries such as marketing and entertainment. The ability to create entire videos or marketing campaigns with recurring, synthetic characters is growing near. However, it's not available yet.
03/11/2024 Optional Generative AI video startup Tavus raises $18M to bring face and voice cloning to any app This is confirmation of a funding round from last year for a tool with many competitors, though notable that this one will be able to live in your own CRM/environment.
03/11/2024 Optional Perplexity brings Yelp data to its chatbot Part of an ongoing trend of integrating various real-time data sources into AI systems and evolution of search.
03/11/2024 Important Insilico Medicine unveils first AI-generated and AI-discovered drug in new paper Massive speed-up and cost efficiencies achieved here in terms of finding a drug candidate and getting it into trials. Important to note, but since this is an announcement around a paper detailing the work as opposed to the work itself which was announced last year, we marked it as important rather than essential.
03/12/2024 Essential Wxclusive: U.S. Must Move ˜Decisively™ to Avert ˜Extinction-Level™ Threat From AI, Government-Commissioned Report Says This article delves into a government-commissioned report that stresses the urgent need for decisive action to mitigate potential catastrophic threats posed by AI advancements. It outlines a series of measures aimed at safeguarding against these risks that we think are unlikely to gain adoption, but worth reading this summary and maybe the full report over the weekend.
03/14/2024 Essential FIGURES Humanoid Robot Integrates OpenAI's Advanced AI for Enhanced Interaction The integration of advanced AI capabilities from OpenAI into FIGURES' humanoid robot represents a leap forward in making robotic technology more interactive, intuitive, and capable of understanding complex human instructions. Healthcare, customer service, warehouse work, and personal assistance need more workers - robots welcome!.
03/14/2024 Optional A Generalist AI Agent for 3D Virtual Environments The development of a generalist AI agent capable of functioning within 3D virtual environments represents an exciting advancement with potential applications in robot training and generalization. However, its current status as a research innovation with future-oriented applications renders it optional for immediate industry impact.
03/15/2024 Essential Bayer pilots unique generative AI tool for agriculture Bayer's pilot of a unique generative AI tool for agriculture addresses a crucial need for tailored agronomic advice, leveraging vast amounts of its own data to provide actionable insights for farmers. While still a prototype, the emphasis on creating knowledge utilities based on LLMs that are sector-specific is an important trend to watch - or jump in on...
03/15/2024 Optional Anthropic just released the smallest and fastest Claude 3 model By offering a model that is both smaller and faster, Anthropic addresses key barriers to AI adoption, such as computational requirements and cost. But we already knew this one was coming.
03/15/2024 Optional Databricks invests in Mistral and brings its AI models to data intelligence platform Mistral is getting around these days. Good for them and good to note if you're using or considering Databricks, but not an essential read.
03/15/2024 Optional Knowledge Conflicts for LLMs: A Survey Explores and categorizes the challenges posed by knowledge conflicts within large language models and provides insights into AI model training and optimization. However, it's pretty technical - maybe weekend reading if you're into the details.
03/15/2024 Optional Apple quietly purchased an AI startup this year Apple continues to make the news even though it still has no GenAI offering. Nothing to see here until they do.
03/15/2024 Optional Implementing generative AI with speed and safety Serves as a reminder of best practices in AI deployment rather than offering new insights or solutions, making it optional for those already versed in the field. Decent charts worth skimming.
03/18/2024 Essential John Holland Embraces Generative AI to Enhance the Productivity of Its Workforce John Holland's application of generative AI, including a custom version of ChatGPT developed in partnership with Microsoft, is an essential case study. It illustrates effective AI integration within a traditionally non-tech industry (construction), offering concrete productivity gains. Shows practical application, measurable outcomes, and the potential for replicating such success in other sectors.
03/19/2024 Essential Nvidia launches NIM to make it smoother to deploy AI models into production These three articles stem from announcements at Nvidia's event this week. They collectively represent a significant leap forward in AI hardware and integration capabilities, highlighted by NVIDIA's announcement of the Blackwell B200 GPU as the "world's most powerful chip" for AI. Additionally, NVIDIA's enlistment of top names in humanoid robotics for its new AI platform, GR00T, indicates a substantial move towards enhancing robotic capabilities with advanced AI. These developments are crucial for anyone involved in AI, robotics, or their applications across industries.
03/01/2024 Important Introducing Microsoft Copilot for Finance This introduction by Microsoft marks a significant move towards integrating AI deeply into finance departments for productivity and efficiency. It will be interesting to see how adoption unfolds - some finance pros might be skeptical while others will fully embrace.
03/01/2024 Optional Figure rides the humanoid robot hype wave to $2.6B valuation Big backers, giant raise, and a partnership with OpenAI. One to watch, but the robots aren't yet ready for action.
03/01/2024 Optional On the Societal Impact of Open Foundation Models Interesting risk framework that suggests more focus on the marginal risk of open source LLMs over risks already in play from current technologies. Some helpful points in here for AI leaders, but not an essential read.
03/01/2024 Optional Stack Overflow and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Generative AI to Millions of Developers Nice to see Google make a strategic move like this, but no need to read this product announcement article.
03/01/2024 Optional With, generative AI is the OS The initiative to integrate generative AI more deeply into operating systems and potential applications on smartphones and beyond is something to keep track of. However, we're skeptical about the immediate practical applications and adoption of this one.
03/20/2024 Important TacticAI: an AI assistant for football tactics The introduction of TacticAI by Google DeepMind and Liverpool FC applies a combo of types of AI within sports analytics. It predicts the outcomes of football tactics, such as corner kicks, underscoring the growing impact of AI on sports strategy. And, importantly, it demonstrates the technology's ability to simulate scenarios and recommend strategies based on predictive analysis, demonstrating the broader applicability of AI in analyzing complex, dynamic systems across different sectors.
03/21/2024 Important Siemens to deepen collaboration with NVIDIA related to generative AI for immersive real-time visualization This partnership highlights significant advancements in manufacturing and design processes through the integration of NVIDIA's Omniverse and Siemens' digital twin technology. It exemplifies the industrial sector's ongoing evolution towards more AI-integrated operations, marking it as an important development in the field of AI and manufacturing.
03/22/2024 Essential 16 Changes to the Way Enterprises Are Building and Buying Generative AI This article highlights significant trends, such as the rapid deployment of AI models and the integration of AI into core IT budgets, which are essential for AI leaders to understand. The detailed survey and visualizations offered in the article make it a vital resource for supporting AI leaders' budget requests.
03/22/2024 Essential Introducing the 01 Developer Preview The 01 device from Open Interpreter represents a super cool approach to integrating intelligence across various environments, offering open-source hardware and software that can significantly accelerate innovation in voice-activated control and automation. Its potential for widespread application and impact, encouragement for open innovation and the fact that AI leaders may have to deal with employees bringing this into the enterprise make this essential. (Our John Sviokla ordered one so review forthcoming!)
03/22/2024 Important Introducing SceneScript, a novel approach for 3D scene reconstruction Meta's development of SceneScript marks a significant advancement in 3D scene reconstruction, leveraging AI to understand and interact with virtual environments more efficiently. The open-source nature of the project and its application in enhancing AR glasses and especially robotics makes it a crucial development for the future of virtual interaction and machine perception.
03/22/2024 Important Microsoft's first AI PCs are the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 for businesses Microsoft's strategic move to integrate AI capabilities directly into personal hardware (via neural processing units) through the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 shows the company's move to vertically integrate down to the user. More strategic brilliance from Nadella.
03/22/2024 Optional Improve performance and reduce cost with fractional H100 GPUs Although fractional H100 GPUs (charged by the minute) offered by Baseten present a cost-effective solution for businesses needing high computational power temporarily, the broader impact on the market and its adoption remains uncertain.
03/22/2024 Optional NHS AI test spots tiny cancers missed by doctors The NHS's AI model for spotting tiny cancers that were previously missed by doctors illustrates the potential for AI to enhance diagnostic accuracy in healthcare and raise the bar on the standard of care. However, this isn't a new use case so we consider this an optional read.
03/22/2024 Optional Improving LLM performance with agentic behavior AI heavyweight Andrew Ng explains how to create agentic behavior to improve LLM outcomes. Important to know but his instructions are a bit high level so marking this as optional.
03/25/2024 Important Accenture's Generative AI Revenue Surpasses All VC-Backed Startups Combined While our experience working at major consulting firms leads us to believe some of the reported $1B in GenAI work reported is reclassification of current work/resources, this article offers AI leaders a good adoption proof point when asking for budget and resources for GenAI.
03/25/2024 Important RAFT: Adapting Language Model to Domain Specific RAG This piece introduces an approach combining retrieval augmentation (RAG) with fine-tuning techniques to enhance the applicability and efficiency of language models in specific domains. It is particularly relevant for technical teams looking to leverage the latest advancements in AI to improve model performance and applicability. For AI leaders, understanding and potentially adopting RAFT could lead to significant improvements in AI-driven projects.
03/25/2024 Important Tennessee becomes the first US state to protect musicians from the threat of AI New "Elvis Act" safeguards the intellectual property rights of musicians (including use of their voice) in the face of advancing AI technologies. Monitoring progress on various state and federal acts around IP issues as well as seeing how they later hold up in court is critical.
03/25/2024 Optional Stability AI CEO resigns to ˜pursue decentralized AI™ This latest departure of a key executive comes after several other resignations of critical employees in recent weeks as Stability struggles to generate revenue to support its AI decentralization ambitions. One to watch for those leaning on Stability offerings.
03/25/2024 Optional KPMG Using Generative AI To Enhance Capabilities Of Digital Gateway For Tax A GenAI upgrade to KPMG's existing offering that is hopefully a lot better than what we saw from some other tax assistance platforms like TurboTax. If you're a user, let us know what you think of this one!
03/25/2024 Optional Financial Times tests an AI chatbot trained on decades of its own articles The Financial Times' pilot with 500 FT Pro users is a nice example of an AI chatbot for enhancing user engagement, but is becoming common low-hanging fruit, making this optional news.
03/26/2024 Important The Unbundling of ChatGPT While we know GenAI solutions are increasingly becoming verticalized, the article is worth a read and features a nice chart of some of the role-specific GenAI tools out there. Also features a graph that shows ChatGPT hasn't acquired new users in a while to help prove the point.
03/27/2024 Important Is Your Company's Data Ready for Generative AI? This article by the prolific Tom Davenport delves into the readiness of companies' data for leveraging generative AI technologies. Through survey data, it paints a picture of the current state, where (unsurprisingly) most Chief Data Officers find themselves unprepared for the demands of generative AI. Some helpful figures for benchmarking and Tom always bring a thoughtful approach so worth a quick read.
03/27/2024 Important Databricks Launches DBRX, Challenging Big Tech in the Open Source AI Race Databricks seems to constantly make the news these days with strategic moves and growth. They're now venturing into the competitive arena of open-source large language models with DBRX and claim it has GPT-4 level performance with more efficiency. They're becoming a major player.
03/27/2024 Important Amazon Doubles Down on Anthropic, Completing its Planned $4B Investment Amazon finished out their initial investment - chump change for them so while this is a nice vote of confidence, don't read too much into it. Remember what happened with Inflection.
03/27/2024 Important Hume AI Raises $50M After Building the Most Realistic Generative AI Chat Experience Yet While the development of a chatbot with empathy and emotional intelligence is promising for the future of AI chatbots in sectors like healthcare this is a funding announcement. However, you can follow the link to play with the model so we're putting this as important as it's worth giving it a go.
03/27/2024 Optional Pentagon Tested Generative AI to Draft Supply Plans in Latest GIDE 9 Wargame This experiment underscores the broader implications of AI in enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiencies in complex, dynamic environments but not an essential read or groundbreaking use case.
03/27/2024 Optional New Report Highlights Critical Gap Between Employees and Executives Around Generative AI Leadership Readiness This report from Udemy just repeats a call to action for educational initiatives rather than presenting new developments in AI technology or applications (and of course, markets their ability to provide that education).
03/27/2024 Optional New MLPerf Inference Benchmark Results Highlight the Rapid Growth of Generative AI Models While these benchmarks are critical for developers and researchers focusing on optimizing AI model performance, the technical nature and specific focus of the benchmarks might limit their immediate relevance to a broader audience. A nothing burger.
03/29/2024 Important Microsoft launches new Azure AI tools to cut out LLM safety and reliability risks We usually don't rate announcements of products that are not yet available as important. But given the prevalence of Microsoft in the enterprise and the issues this will reportedly address - hallucinations, prompt injection attacks and more - we want AI leaders to know this is coming.
03/29/2024 Optional Artificial intelligence boosts super-resolution microscopy Interesting to see a new spin on diffusion for image generation, what they call a Conditional Variational Diffusion Model (CVDM), but this isn't immediately relevant to the AI leader.
03/04/2024 Important Qualcomm Empowers Developers with AI Hub, Advancing Generative AI Revolution Qualcomm's announcement about offering a model hub for developers to access models optimized for Qualcomm hardware highlights the significance of on-device AI computing. The initiative is important due to Qualcomm's substantial market influence, though our John Sviokla made an impassioned plea to mark this Essential!
03/04/2024 Important Here Come the AI Worms Researchers created a worm exploiting security issues with LLMs, emphasizing the importance of awareness around AI security vulnerabilities. While the immediate threat may be theoretical, the potential for future exploitation makes it important for stakeholders to be informed and prepared.
03/04/2024 Important Copilot for OneDrive will fetch your files and summarize them No need to read this announcement, but important to be aware of Copilot 's OneDrive capabilities (eg, enabling file fetching and summarization) with so many enterprises using Microsoft.
03/04/2024 Optional Pioneering the Future: Leading Health Systems Test AI-Powered Healthcare Provider The article discusses the collaboration of over 40 healthcare providers on generative AI applications for healthcare professionals in areas like care management, post-discharge follow-up, wellness, and health risk assessments. The initiative is part of a broader trend of AI integration into healthcare, making it optional as the concept is not new.
03/04/2024 Optional H2O AI releases Danube, a super-tiny LLM for mobile applications H2O AI's release of a compact LLM designed for mobile applications represents another step towards bringing AI capabilities to edge devices. However, given the crowded space of LLMs targeting mobile and edge computing, this announcement is considered optional.
03/04/2024 Optional AI chip startup Groq forms new business unit, acquires Definitive Intelligence While potentially significant for Groq's business trajectory and market positioning, the lack of immediate impact and benefits places this news in the optional category.
03/05/2024 Essential Anthropic launches Claude 3 Challenges OpenAI's ChatGPT in terms of code generation, reasoning and math. This launch signifies a pivotal development in AI capabilities and market competition, though it seems we'll still be using different models to achieve best-in-class results for different tasks.
03/06/2024 Essential A Safe Harbor for AI Evaluation and Red Teaming Open letter issued by notable researchers at MIT, Stanford, CMU and others calling for LLM providers to remove restrictions preventing the research community from red teaming LLMs in good faith. As we continue to see providers release LLMs with flaws (see Google's recent gaff as an example), this would be a positive development.
03/07/2024 Essential US Army Experimenting with generative AI Chatbots in War Games: Report The deployment of generative AI technologies in military war games showcases an expansion in the application of AI beyond conventional sectors. Essential to know from a citizen perspective and gives AI leaders ammunition (pun intended) for making the case that their organization should get going on GenAI.
03/07/2024 Important AI Prompt Engineering Is Dead Long Live AI Prompt Engineering Nice piece debating how long PE will be needed. Our take: For quite some time. The transition from manual to algorithmic prompt engineering is important for AI leaders to acknowledge as it impacts the development, efficiency, and effectiveness of AI applications.
03/07/2024 Important Microsoft AI Engineer Warns FTC about Copilot Designer Safety Concerns Whistleblower case that highlights ongoing concerns about how well models are being tested for harmful outputs before being put into the hands of millions - including children.
03/07/2024 Important Google Engineer Indicted Over Allegedly Stealing AI Trade Secrets for China Brings to light issues around cybersecurity, intellectual property, and international relations in the context of AI technology. Cautionary tale for AI leaders - AI security protocols and access controls are critical!!
03/07/2024 Optional How Amperity Is Building Generative AI Tools Using OpenAI's GPT Models While the application of GPT models by Amperity to create generative AI tools is great, its impact is more incremental within the crowded space of AI-driven marketing solutions.
03/07/2024 Optional ArtPrompt: ASCII Art-based Jailbreak Attacks against Aligned LLMs We had a spirited debate on this one, but the majority felt this particular case represents a highly specialized security challenge. It's marked as optional, given its narrow scope and the assumption that such specific vulnerabilities will be addressed as part of ongoing security enhancements in AI systems.
03/07/2024 Optional Amazon Buys Nuclear Data Centre Campus for $650 Million While indicative of the growing demand for sustainable and large-scale energy solutions to support AI computations, not an essential read. Note Microsoft has been talking about doing this for a while, too, so we're likely to see more of this.
03/08/2024 Essential Saudi Aramco Unveils Industry's First Generative AI Model A 250B parameter model customized on 90 years' worth of company data tailored to needs of the industry -- impressive! This move could significantly influence the competitive dynamics and operational efficiencies within the energy sector, making it essential news.
04/25/2024 Important Simple probes can catch sleeper agents Anthropic continues to follow through on their commitment to responsible AI. Here they've studied and shared their findings on easy ways to detect secretly corrupted AI systems. AI leaders need to stay abreast of the nature of emerging threats to LLMs and how to combat them.
04/25/2024 Important Researchers develop malicious AI 'worm' targeting generative AI systems Same reason as above - security is critical. The worm can extract data and take over email systems to send out malicious emails. Intel collaborated with academia on this one - the worm was developed in a lab setting, so no risk in the wild yet, but it could certainly become one.
04/25/2024 Important CMA seeks views on AI partnerships and other arrangements The review by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (akin to the US's FTC and anti-trust arm of the DOJ) is a precursor to a formal inquiry and part of a broader regulatory interest in AI partnerships, echoing similar investigations in the US and EU.
04/25/2024 Optional Apple releases OpenELM: small, open source AI models designed to run on-device This is the second batch of models Apple has quietly released (they published a multimodel one last fall). Open sourcing is somewhat new for Apple so we're noting this as an indicator of their LLM strategy but not worth reading the article. We're looking forward to the May 7 event they just announced.
04/25/2024 Optional Snowflake targets enterprise AI with launch of Arctic LLM We're excited about the company's repositioning under the new CEO to aggressively compete in the generative AI space. They claim this model is on par with Llama 3 but released no supporting documentation. We decided to save a potential 'Important' rating for the more comprehensive Cortex offering.
04/25/2024 Optional The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have multimodal AI now Nice to see new computing form factors continue to evolve but this isn't a worthy read for the AI leader.
04/01/2024 Important Congress bans staff use of Microsoft's AI Copilot Showcases the government’s rightfully cautious stance towards integrating GenAI tools within its operations, emphasizing security and privacy concerns.
04/01/2024 Optional NYC’s AI Chatbot Tells Businesses to Break the Law Another cautionary tale about putting GenAI tools out in the wild without proper tuning and guardrails.
04/01/2024 Optional OpenAI built a voice cloning tool, but you can’t use it… yet Another announcement from OpenAI about a capability that no one can use yet. Plus other providers like ElevenLabs already offer this.
04/01/2024 Optional How Stability AI’s Founder Tanked His Billion-Dollar Startup This long, well-researched story is rich in details about the operational and managerial missteps leading to Stability AI's challenges.
04/01/2024 Optional OpenAI and Microsoft Plan $100 Billion AI ‘Stargate’ It will be interesting to see if AI's power couple pull off this planned build of a mega-AI data center, but it's only in the planning stages at this point.
04/01/2024 Optional Generative AI to quantify uncertainty in weather forecasting Another example of Google's AI research prowess - and we welcome better weather forecasts - but not essential news for the AI leader.
04/02/2024 Important Yum Brands Doubles Tech Spending, Expands Use of Generative AI Yum Brands has a pretty comprehensive strategy for applying GenAI across its operations and is putting $21M (double last year's spend) into digital innovation this year. Core areas of its business are being targeted. This is another good article to have in your back pocket when trying to get budget for GenAI or facing skepticism over its value. But Yum appears to have no GenAI apps in production yet, preventing us from elevating this to an essential read.
04/02/2024 Important For Data-Guzzling AI Companies, the Internet Is Too Small We had a lively discussion around this one (starts around minute 26:00 in our morning briefing). It highlights the challenge of finding new data sources to improve the biggest of models any further given they've hoovered the entire internet, including many (but not all) video transcripts. As you've heard many times before, AI leaders, your company's data is extremely valuable. Are you using it to its full potential? You need to be.
04/02/2024 Optional Generative AI: The next S-curve for the semiconductor industry? Despite presenting forward-looking insights into the potential B2B and B2C GenAI growth areas that will drive semi demand, speculative assumptions in the analysis and a slog of a read led to its optional rating. Some interesting points if you can hang in there with it, but it doesn't provide a solid enough foundation for immediate action or decision-making.
04/02/2024 Optional Apple researchers develop AI that can 'see' and understand screen context Yet again, Apple in the news around GenAI, but not for announcing any GenAI products. This research is geared toward improving context to help them (eventually) create a good experience when using GenAI on your iPhone. Interesting, but not a critical read.
04/02/2024 Optional The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of the Deeper Layers Authors report improving upon well-established pruning techniques. May be good fodder for engineers looking for new tricks, but not an essential read for the AI executive.
04/02/2024 Optional It's for Real: Generative AI Takes Hold in Insurance Distribution We know Insurance is an industry 'in the crucible' based on our WINS framework and hoped this article would provide some fresh insights. But there's not much new info here, and we didn't necessarily agree with the analysis provided in the charts, so giving this one an optional rating.
04/03/2024 Important WHO Unveils a Digital Health Promoter Harnessing Generative AI for Public Health This development was considered important due to WHO's significant role in global health and the potential impact of introducing an AI-driven assistant like this one (named SARAH) to serve the historically underserved. This is a major, cautious organization jumping into the GenAI mix. And our tests show the tool is quite good, despite a little latency and repetitiveness.
04/03/2024 Important Many-shot Jailbreaking Anthropic found this issue and kindly alerted other LLM providers to it. They've mitigated it in their models (though not to 100%) but we don't know if other providers have. Also, if you're building your own model, you need to be aware of this and take steps to combat it as well.
04/03/2024 Important Gen-AI Search Engine Perplexity Has a Plan to Sell Ads Search is changing - this is essential for a CMO but only important from an awareness perspective for the AI leader. You to be informed as to all the ways GenAI is changing the game in long-standing industry norms. Recall this startup also focused in this area.
04/03/2024 Optional Hailo lands $120 million to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle Although Hailo's successful fundraising marks its significance in the AI chip industry and the move toward compute at the edge, the group consensus leaned towards this news being optional. They seem to be gaining traction but Nvidia and other major players still rule the roost.
04/03/2024 Optional Luminance's Generative AI-for-law raises $40M Series B Despite acknowledging Luminance's achievement and healthy competition for Harvey, we see this as primarily a sector-specific development. It was noted that while the funding signifies growth in legal tech AI, it represents a trend rather than a breakthrough, making it of optional interest to those not directly involved in legal AI.
04/04/2024 Essential AI adoption accelerates as enterprise PoCs show productivity gains This article underscores the tangible benefits and productivity gains realized through GenAI adoption. Highlighting examples from 3 major companies - Webster Bank, Eli Lilly and Eaton - it highlights a lot of the best practices we've been espousing. Long but essential read with good proof points for the AI executive.
04/04/2024 Important Startup Datavolo raises over $21M to transform how generative AI models access unstructured data Datavolo's announcement is not necessarily significant for the capital raise, but it is for spotlighting the critical challenge of structuring your data pipeline - you'll need these types of tools because the classic ones won't cut it for routing unstructured data to GenAI.
04/04/2024 Optional Microsoft 365's Copilot gets a GPT-4 Turbo upgrade and improved image generation The upgrade to Microsoft 365's Copilot with GPT-4 Turbo and enhanced image generation capabilities signifies a notable advancement for users already embedded in the M365 ecosystem. While it introduces more powerful models for reasoning and supports larger text prompts, along with improved daily limits for image creation, it's seen as an incremental upgrade, but good for M365 users to be aware of.
04/04/2024 Optional I have a group chat with three AI friends, thanks to Nomi AI they're getting too smart Explores the evolving capabilities of AI in creating more convincing and emotionally intelligent virtual companions. Highlighting personal experiences with Nomi AI's chatbots, the discussion reflects on the broader implications for social interaction and mental health. Intriguing for its societal implications, but its immediate relevance to enterprise AI strategy and day-to-day operations is limited.
04/04/2024 Optional Enhancing The Forrester Experience With Generative AI A chatbot that provides on-demand info for high-tier users. What took you so long? Nothing burger.
04/04/2024 Optional Nature Communications Publishes Zapata AI Research on Generative AI for Optimization While the findings demonstrate the potential for quantum modeling to outperform traditional methods in complex optimization problems like portfolio management, its current status as emerging research renders it an optional consideration for a broader audience. We do think we'll see more quantum+AI progress so a good weekend read if you want to geek out a bit.
04/04/2024 Optional DALL-E now lets you edit images in ChatGPT Finally, in-painting comes to ChatGPT. It has been available in other popular image generation apps like Midjourney for a while. Our David DeLallo is a Midjourney power user, but says this will make him start exploring the use of ChatGPT more to create his weekly AI comic.
04/05/2024 Important JetMoE: Reaching LLaMA2 Performance with 0.1M Dollars A demonstration of achieving high-level AI performance with significantly reduced costs, though they compare this model's performance to Llama 2 as opposed to the most powerful models. Still, it offers hope to enterprises that it may not cost millions to build a custom model that gives you a competitive advantage.
04/05/2024 Important S&P Global launches groundbreaking AI benchmark for the financial industry We've been espousing the importance of industry-specific benchmarks for real-world AI performance. S&P Global's initiative serves as a pioneering example in the financial sector where precision, reliability and fostering trust are paramount.
04/05/2024 Important Wiz uncovers security flaws at Hugging Face Israeli cloud security firm, Wiz, was able to access private data and models from Hugging Face users by uploading a malicious LLM. Hugging Face has patched the flaw, but this is an important reminder of the continuous need for vigilance in vetting providers. This hack was possible because Hugging Face stores all instances of models and data uploads from users in the same cloud - they, of course, aren't alone in this.
04/05/2024 Important Introducing Command R+: A Scalable LLM Built for Business Cohere seems to be emphasizing its competitive pricing, though Command R+ is several times more expensive than Command-R (launched a few weeks ago). Of note that there's another option out there of an LLM with associated tooling.
04/05/2024 Optional OpenAI expands its custom model training program Good to know about some incremental improvements to OpenAI's tuning API and the scaling up of their hands-on work with customers, but not an essential read. Scattered among the technical notes, they share that Indeed and SK Telekom are using OpenAI models in applications.
04/05/2024 Optional Google using AI to come up with search answers in UK trial Google's expansion of its AI-driven search answers into the UK is another step in Google's testing of its Search Generative Experience, which is available to beta testers (we're among them) in the US. No need to read - we've just shared the news in a nutshell for you.
04/05/2024 Optional secures $70M funding to introduce a multimodal GenAI chip Our Luda Kopeikina, a venture capitalist, notes that the valuation of this firm hasn't increased in this funding round so the future for this company might not be as bright as this announcement indicates. They're SoC offering is for the edge, which could make them an interesting takeover target for Nvidia, who isn't yet playing on the edge much.
04/08/2024 Important Hercules AI unveils assembly line approach for building enterprise-grade gen AI apps This platform looks promising for helping industries with a lot of info trapped in spreadsheets to extract it and enable LLMs to do what they do best - improve worker productivity. It also features an LLM that gets impressive coding results that surpass GPT-4 by simply fine-tuning a 7B model.
04/08/2024 Optional How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for A.I. A nice piece of reporting that gets into the details of the lengths OpenAI, Google and others are going to in order to get more data to train their models. And, as we know, the legality of some of their methods are questionable. A reminder to the AI leader about how valuable your data is. Good read if you have the time, but optional.
04/08/2024 Optional How Google lost ground in the AI race Similar to the previous piece, this is well-written and captures the details on the causes of Google's well-covered AI fumbles, but is an optional read. The company's GenAI course to date makes for a good Harvard Business case study - a giant organization with duplicative projects happening in silos that faces the innovator's dilemma around their search business.
04/08/2024 Optional Large language models are able to downplay their cognitive abilities to fit the persona they simulate This is not a surprising feature. We know that giving GenAI chatbots a persona (eg, 'act like the most effective marketer in the world') works well. If you're not employing this technique in your prompting strategies, you should be.
04/08/2024 Optional SWE-agent turns LMs (e.g. GPT-4) into software engineering agents that can fix bugs and issues in real GitHub repositories An application that looks to compete with Devin, but demonstrates slightly less effective performance and has a clunkier UX. Expect to see many more Devin competitors emerge.
04/08/2024 Optional Meta will require labels on more AI-generated content Of course Meta needs to do this to look like they're trying their best in the eyes of regulators and the public, but we know tools aimed at identifying AI-generated content are not very effective so don't expect a lot of help here.
04/09/2024 Important Jamie Dimon says AI may be as impactful on humanity as printing press, electricity and computers The headline isn't why we tagged this as important (and our John Sviokla argued it is essential). It's the information provided in Dimon's annual investor letter that we want the AI leader to absorb. JP Morgan is a tech leader among banks: 2,000 AI/ML workers, 400 apps in production, 32 data centers, and private and public clouds (though still migrating there). And Dimon says he sees AI impacting every role.
04/09/2024 Important Coles turns GenAI onto 40,000 customer comments a week Another article that nearly made it to essential because it's a great use case. Coles is a giant supermarket chain in Australia. They're using GenAI to process the 40K customer comments they collect each month and acting on the insights at a store level. Well done!
04/09/2024 Optional TSMC receives $6.6B to build chip factories under U.S. CHIPS and Science Act While essential for everyone as US citizens, optional read for the AI leader. Good to see the Chips Act working, and TSMC is more on track to stand up the 3 foundries they're building in Arizona than Intel - the first one is set to come online in 1H2025.
04/09/2024 Optional Google rolls out Gemini in Android Studio for coding assistance A nothing burger. It would be news if Google DIDN'T offer a coding tool.
04/09/2024 Optional Stability AI brings 12B parameters to Stable LM 2 model update Great that the company is still pumping out new models despite the turmoil over there, but are AI leaders going to use models from an organization that is hanging on by a thread? Imagine trying to justify that to your CEO...
04/09/2024 Optional Biocompare Announces Beta Launch of LifeSciAI, a New Generative AI Tool This supplier of products for the experimenting scientist is offering a chatbot that has knowledge of 8 million lab supplies and tons of experiments, but it's a common use case and a niche user base so we rated it optional.
04/10/2024 Essential Google Cloud Next 2024: Everything announced so far It may be a cloud event but AI is taking center stage. A new video generation tool in Workspace, a revamped image generation tool in the developer kit, and an agent builder were among the announced products. Nothing edgy - mostly their versions of tools already available from others. But Workspace has a huge user base and Google is 3rd in cloud, so worth knowing about.
04/10/2024 Important Intel Unleashes Enterprise AI with Gaudi 3, AI Open Systems Strategy and New Customer Wins Intel is still a few years behind Nvidia, but competition is needed in this space to meet demand and bring prices down so good to see Intel keeping at it.
04/10/2024 Optional AMD launches second-generation Versal chips to make AI faster at the edge This is an upgrade to an existing chip - feels like a 'me too' announcement on the day of Intel's. Important to know if you're a customer but not worth reading the article otherwise.
04/10/2024 Optional Ferret-UI: Grounded Mobile UI Understanding with Multimodal LLMs This is the paper that follows on the research announcement from a week or so ago. As we said then, of course Apple is putting effort into GenAI computing at the edge since it's where the company plays hardest.
04/10/2024 Optional Dairyland powers up for a generative AI edge We had high expectations for this article, hoping to see some interesting use cases from a local utility. But in the end, seems they're pretty much just using Copilot for coding and generating communications. They are using traditional AI in more impactful ways, though, so maybe more to come on the GenAI front soon.
04/10/2024 Optional New Federal Bill Could Require Disclosure of Songs Used in AI Training Rep. Adam Schiff introduced a bill that calls on LLM providers to reveal what music was used in their training data (nothing around other content types - industry lobbying, anyone?) but we've got some time to see if this becomes a law so nothing to see here yet.
04/11/2024 Important Poe introduces a price-per-message revenue model for AI bot creators Quora seems to have beaten OpenAI to the punch in providing a way for creators to monetize the bots they create using a revenue model similar to app stores. This is for bots developed on any platform as long as they integrate with Quora's Poe AI. Increasingly tough to understand why Quora's CEO still sits on OpenAI's board...
04/11/2024 Optional Beyond Transformers: Symbolica launches with $33M to change the AI industry with symbolic models Early days for this company that plans to combine symbolic AI, which has been worked on for decades, with deep learning to produce models and applications that are interpretable. John Sviokla and Tim Andrews engaged in a spirited (albeit geeky) discussion about when and whether LLMs could become interpretable which is worth watching in the recording or today's briefing, but Symbolica doesn't plan to release anything until 2025 so this is one to watch, but optional for now.
04/11/2024 Optional Mistral AI drops new 'mixture of experts' model with a torrent link We may elevate this to important once we start to learn how the models perform, but Mistral's minimalist method of announcing releases makes it tough for us to assess this development for the moment. We do know this is a talented bunch so we expect good things!
04/11/2024 Optional Ask your assets anything: State Street's generative AI lets investors chat with their data This piece of news almost made it to important. Custody is a boring but critical area of global finance. And State Street is one of a handful of banks that collectively serve as the 'keeper' of about 90% of assets. The company is building a chatbot for custody customers to interact with as well as a bot for a broader group of customers to more easily interact with their research. We would have rated this as Important if the bots were already available but they aren't just yet.
04/11/2024 Optional Intercom's new Fin AI Copilot gives customer service agents their personal AI assistant We know customer service is a prime use case, and this is a platform for building your own GenAI-powered application. But organizations are doing just fine building these already so not sure this will get a ton of traction.
04/12/2024 Essential OpenEQA: From word models to world models Meta released a benchmark to help model developers assess how their models do with establishing a representation of the world, which is essential for progressing the abilities of AI and robots. LLMs aren't very good at this--the latest version of GPT-4 does best based on Meta's analysis (full results provided in the article). The benchmark itself isn't necessarily essential but spurring research in this area is.
04/12/2024 Important Microsoft is working on sound recognition AI technologies capable of detecting natural disasters While this is only the announcement of Microsoft's filing of a patent in this area, 'AI as ears' will open up a host of new use cases. Here, Microsoft is patenting a technology that better senses sounds amid background noise. Important to start thinking about how you might be able to use this capability.
04/12/2024 Important NTT Research unveils AI model, sustainable path for AI, and better distributed data centers Three major announcements of note here: (1) they're releasing a model they claim does better than GPT-4 on analyzing inputs that contain graphics and text , (2) they propose a paradigm for distributed data centers that can improve their energy efficiency, and (3) they announce a partnership with Harvard to advance knowledge about the brain which would benefit AI development and human understanding. Research, but all critical areas.
04/12/2024 Optional European car manufacturer will pilot Sanctuary AI's humanoid robot BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and others have committed to testing this robot. Great to see robotics moving forward, but let's see how these pilots pan out before we elevate this to important or essential.
04/12/2024 Optional RULER: What's the Real Context Size of Your Long-Context Language Models? Another benchmark. This one confirms what many of us experience - LLMs don't perform as well in their purported context windows as their developers claim. GPT-4 does best. Could be a more useful benchmark than some existing ones. Put it on your radar but might not be worth the long read.
04/12/2024 Optional Snowflake Copilot, a Mistral Large-powered AI assistant, launches in public preview Snowflake now enables natural-language prompts that translate into technical SQL queries. Nice feature, but no need to read the article.
04/12/2024 Optional The Weather Channel's parent company has a new AI tool to make hyperlocal weather videos Helpful for meteorologists, but the use case doesn't feature any novelties so parking this one in the optional spot.
04/15/2024 Important The Worst Part of a Wall Street Career May Be Coming to an End Banks leaders say that AI could soon enable them to cut down on junior analyst hires by a whopping two-thirds. Implications are huge for organizations.
04/15/2024 Important Introducing Rerank 3: A New Foundation Model for Efficient Enterprise Search & Retrieval The introduction of Rerank 3 by Cohere signals important advancements in cost efficiency and performance in enterprise search solutions.
04/15/2024 Important The rise of the chief AI officer There's a significant focus on the necessity of having dedicated AI leadership to navigate the complex legal, ethical, and operational challenges.
04/15/2024 Important Generative AI is coming for healthcare, and not everyone’s thrilled Put aside the fear-mongering headline. The article provides a good list of use cases that healthcare providers are exploring.
04/15/2024 Optional Apple plans Mac line overhaul with AI-focused M4 chips, Bloomberg News reports Yet again, Apple making news for something forthcoming but not yet available. Even when this chip drops, it's just an upgrade.
04/15/2024 Optional Former Google DeepMind researchers launch AI-powered music creation app Udio We knew this was coming and now it's here. Used in marketing and entertainment, but not an essential read.
04/15/2024 Optional British DARPA’ to build AI gatekeepers for ‘quantitative safety guarantees Certifications like the one this group is working on are welcomed, but this is still in the works.
04/16/2024 Essential 2024 AI Index Report This annual report from Stanford University is a comprehensive and valuable resource on AI's current state.
04/16/2024 Important Reka Core, Flash, and Edge: A Series of Powerful Multimodal Language Models Competitive offering from a small but well-funded group in Singapore with former Google Brain and DeepMind founders is notable.
04/16/2024 Important A.I. Has a Measurement Problem We need reliable and standard ways to evaluate and compare model performance.
04/16/2024 Important Cohere Compass Private Beta: A New Multi-Aspect Embedding Model Offers a new approach to embedding models that could improve enterprise data systems management.
04/16/2024 Optional Adobe Premiere Pro is getting generative AI video tools — and hopefully OpenAI’s Sora The capability isn't yet available, and the integration of Sora isn't even certain.
04/16/2024 Optional OpenAI's Altman pitches ChatGPT Enterprise to large firms, including some Microsoft customers Unsurprising continued coopetition at play with no compelling reason to engage OpenAI directly.
04/16/2024 Optional ArenaX Labs launches ARC AI game infrastructure and SAI research platform Cool development in gaming but not of note to the AI leader.
04/17/2024 Important Microsoft Makes High-Stakes Play in Tech Cold War With Emirati A.I. Deal Microsoft's investment into G42 has been orchestrated by the US government as a way to get companies in the Middle East more aligned to the US as opposed to China. While this is important from a geopolitical perspective, it's also yet another proof point for the AI leader that GenAI is truly powerful - our government is moving swiftly and decisively to position the US as a global AI powerhouse.
04/17/2024 Important Zendesk users get generative AI infusion for customer service While it's not surprising that a customer service software provider would integrate GenAI into it offering, the company includes some other nice features that provide ideas for any organization. The tool helps predict staffing levels and prioritizes an agent's work in addition to providing the agent with the best answers to customer issues.
04/17/2024 Important Pegasystems offers every worker access to a personalized, generative AI-powered coach This is another article we're flagging as a source of GenAI use case ideas. This low-code software provider is using GenAI internally in interesting ways - it integrates GenAI into an individual's workflow in a personalized way so that it gives advice to a sales or back-office worker in the course of their work.
04/17/2024 Important C6 Bank accelerates innovation using generative AI with AWS The use cases this major Brazilian bank backed by JP Morgan is implementing are low-hanging fruit (coding and customer service), but that's why we're flagging. These use cases are becoming table stakes so if you're not already at least testing them, you're falling behind.
04/17/2024 Important Nvidia expands Ampere-based GPUs for AI design and productivity apps Nvidia is everywhere - including at the edge. This will enable laptops to run AI faster.
04/18/2024 Essential Thomson Reuters unveils CoCounsel, leveraging generative AI for legal professionals Big name with a lot of data entering an increasingly crowded space, but one where Harvey has maintained its dominance to date. A formidable competitor has arrived. The economics for law firms and everyone who leans on them are changing fast. For AI leaders, this is a reminder that if your company is in an industry in the crucible according to our WINS framework, you have little time to lose.
04/18/2024 Important Logitech wants you to press its new AI button Let's be clear - this isn't important for the release of the $49.99 mouse itself. What's important is the fact that we're moving toward a world where we'll all have a physical 'easy button' that activates an assistant to help us do many everyday tasks (remember that Microsoft is installing one on keyboards as well).
04/18/2024 Important BigPanda launches generative AI tool designed specifically for ITOps While this functionality doesn't look extremely sophisticated, any help here is welcomed, and the AI leaders who also head up IT should take note that this functionality will be coming to the platform of your choice soon.
04/18/2024 Important Cheaper, Better, Faster, Stronger In this article, Mistral provides information on the 8X22B open source model it released last week. The highlights are that it covers 5 languages, offers native function-calling capability, and claims to have better performance-to-cost ratio than its nearest competitors, Llama 2 and Cohere's Command models.
04/18/2024 Important 12 companies that rolled out internal AI tools for employees The article shares an overview of GenAI-powered general knowledge and HR assistance tools used by both big (PwC, Walmart) and smaller firms (Pipefy). Easy read and a good scan of the types of tools that are becoming commonplace in many organizations. Worth a few minutes of your time.
04/19/2024 Essential Meta launches Llama 3 This isn't an "another model, another day" type of announcement. Besides already shooting to the top of the open-source model leaderboard on performance, Llama 3 is now heavily integrated into all of Meta's social channels, enabling search, image generation, animations and more right in its apps. The image generation capability is particularly impressive - so fast that the images generate as you type in your "order." Llama 3 still doesn't hold a candle to the top closed source models but the next version of it due out in the summer sounds like it might...
04/19/2024 Important Honeywell exec reveals plan to deliver $100 million in value with generative AI: “Just getting started” While this isn't a significant amount of value generation for a $90B+ company, Honeywell shares info about its organizational GenAI strategy here that offers some tips / validation for the AI leaders' approach.
04/19/2024 Important Generative AI in manufacturing — out of the old, emerges the new Industrial giant Bosch details how they're creating synthetic data to enable GenAI-powered quality assurance. The company noted that it has so few defects in its products, that it doesn't have enough error-ridden product images to train the system - a little self-promo never hurts. This is a great use case.
04/19/2024 Important Meet Lingo-2, a groundbreaking AI model that navigates roads and narrates its journey London-based autonomous driving tech provider Wayve released this second version of its multi-modal model that can share what it's doing as it maneuvers (so far, only in simulation environments). Multimodal is the future so this is of note, but the development of this model is not yet essential given where we are with autonomous vehicles.
04/19/2024 Optional ChatGPT is coming to Nothing’s earbuds The name of the company (which creates mobile phones - anyone actually have one?) says it all about this nonessential development.
04/22/2024 Important Intel Builds World’s Largest Neuromorphic System to Enable More Sustainable AI While this system has a ways to go before reaching the enterprise, it's important to know that more efficient computing for generative AI is on the way. Intel claims this system uses a whopping 100X less energy than conventional CPU and GPU architectures. Sandia National Laboratories will be the testing ground for this - we look forward to seeing how it goes!
04/22/2024 Important Langdock raises $3M with General Catalyst to help companies avoid vendor lock-in with LLMs This particular company's tool may or may not end up being notable, but the space they're playing in is. The middle layer that they're providing between LLMs and the user enables access to whichever LLM is best-suited for a particular task and is sanctioned for use by an enterprise.
04/22/2024 Optional Microsoft shows off VASA-1, an AI framework that makes human headshots talk, sing Just one image can be turned into a video with synced audio and pretty realistic animation - quite amazing. But you can see how this could be used for nefarious purposes so Microsoft is taking the responsible route and not making this available. They offered no timetable for when they might which is why we marked this optional.
04/22/2024 Optional How United Airlines uses AI to make flying the friendly skies a bit easier Pretty underwhelming generative AI use cases discussed like creating an announcement for a pilot. Skip this one.
04/22/2024 Optional Two-thirds of top 20 pharmas have banned ChatGPT—and many in life sci call AI ‘overrated,’ survey finds This click-bate got our John Sviokla fired up on an early Monday morning. While some pharmas might be banning ChatGPT specifically, the article also notes that pharmas are using generative AI in critical areas like drug discovery (there's already a GenAI-created drug in Phase II trials, btw). If anything, this article shows companies what not to do - it says half of employees are using GenAI chatbots anyways. There are too many easy ways to enable your employees to use GenAI chatbots safely to ban it and give up the efficiency gains.
04/23/2024 Important Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR While there's no immediate action item for an AI leader from this news, it's just a stunning advancement that humans in general should know about.
04/23/2024 Important Efficient finetuning of Llama 3 with FSDP QDoRA This is a super-technical article that you should only read in its entirety if you seriously like to geek out.
04/23/2024 Optional Introducing the Data Intelligence Platform for Energy Databricks' vertically integrated offering is notable for those in energy and other asset-heavy industries.
04/23/2024 Optional Swiss Re Launches Swiss Re Life Guide Scout, a Generative AI-Powered Underwriting Assistant A nice use case, but not groundbreaking.
04/23/2024 Optional Sam Altman Invests in Energy Startup Focused on AI Data Centers Sam is diversifying his energy plays, adding this to his portfolio.
04/23/2024 Optional Apple acquires French startup behind AI and computer vision technology This acquisition happened in December but is coming to light now.
04/24/2024 Essential Introducing more enterprise-grade features for API customers OpenAI announced new enterprise features to better serve large-scale business needs, including enhanced security, administrative controls, and, perhaps most notably, favorable pricing strategies.
04/24/2024 Essential New additions to Amazon Bedrock make it easier and faster than ever to build generative AI applications securely Amazon’s improvements to Bedrock substantially enhance the ease of integrating and managing AI models.
04/24/2024 Important BCG says AI consulting will supply 20% of revenues this year BCG’s projection highlights the growing influence and integration of GenAI.
04/24/2024 Important Perplexity is raising $250M+ at a $2.5B-$3B valuation for its AI search platform, sources say The march toward reimagining search with GenAI continues. Perplexity has big-name backers.
04/24/2024 Optional The Instruction Hierarchy: Training LLMs to Prioritize Privileged Instructions Discusses a training approach that makes LLMs prioritize instructions which could help protect against threats.
04/24/2024 Optional Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet Microsoft's launch of this 3.8B model represents more advancement in creating efficient, compact AI models.
04/24/2024 Optional The Coca-Cola Company and Microsoft announce five-year strategic partnership to accelerate cloud and generative AI initiatives This partnership between Coca-Cola and Microsoft to build out new GenAI use cases together.
04/26/2024 Essential At Moderna, OpenAI’s GPTs Are Changing Almost Everything Highlights the company's broad application of GenAI from legal processes to drug discovery. More than 750 GPTs created by employees to date with plans to engage OpenAI for more formal applications. However, this is a company struggling with only 1 product in the market and there's a little too much smoke here as opposed to fire to call this essential.
04/26/2024 Important Stainless is helping OpenAI, Anthropic and others build SDKs for their APIs Focuses on Stainless's role in enhancing the accessibility of LLMs through SDKs, which aid in the broader deployment of AI technologies by bridging a crucial gap for developers. Very small company ($1 million in annual revenue and 10 employees), but we're flagging to let the AI leader know that their teams do need SDKs for APIs.
04/26/2024 Important AI designs new drugs based on protein structures The model discussed here was developed through an industry/academia collaboration between Bosch and ETH Zurich. It's tuned to (1) produce only those compounds that can actually be created and (2) limit side effects. It's being open-sourced. A good story all around to take note of.
04/26/2024 Optional New Cohere Toolkit Accelerates Generative AI Application Development Cohere has made some important announcements recently related to new models and RAG tools, but, while this is a helpful set of tools - includes interfaces, connectors and other goodies - we didn't think this one rose to that level of significance.
04/26/2024 Optional Research identifies pitfalls and opportunities for generative AI in patient messaging systems Nice to see an actual study on the use of LLMs v. LLMs+humans v. humans alone but the insights it yielded aren't surprising. The conclusion was essentially that LLMs are helpful, but humans need to edit LLMs' work. Duh...
04/26/2024 Optional Watch it and weep (or smile): Synthesia’s AI video avatars now feature emotions If you watch the videos of an avatar before and after this feature was added, you'll see there's only a subtle improvement in emotional facial expressions.
04/26/2024 Optional SenseTime Shares Surge on New Language Model It Says Rivals GPT-4 Turbo There's no evidence provided to back their claim so this stays in the optional camp for now.
04/29/2024 Important JP Morgan AI Research Introduces FlowMind JPMorgan demonstrates its leadership in AI in the financial sector with this paper that explains how they're using LLMs to automate workflows that are unpredictable. They also use a training method to limit hallucinations that's different from RAG. FlowMind writes code to automate a workflow as the user performs a string of tasks and then presents what it created at a high level for user feedback. Looks to still require that user to have some technical knowledge, though. Sounds a lot like what we described in our recent HBR article - love this.
04/29/2024 Important Oracle doubles down on generative AI with new features to accelerate enterprise deal cycles They're offering 50+ GenAI capabilities in Oracle CX Cloud. One example is automatic generation of next-best-actions for customer service agents, as opposed to the agent having to type in the customer problem to get recommendations. The article also shares that Cohere is under the hood of these capabilities - we've seen a lot of new offer announcements from Cohere over the last few weeks and here we see them in action.
04/29/2024 Optional Estée Lauder and Microsoft partner to help beauty brands use generative AI We've recently seen similar announcements of industry/big tech partnerships, for example Moderna/OpenAI and Coca-Cola/Microsoft. They're primarily just grabs for attention. We'll call it important when they have in-production use cases.
04/29/2024 Optional Chatbot answers are all made up. This new tool helps you figure out which ones to trust. MIT has created a tool that summons multiple LLMs to opine over one LLM's answer and assign it a probability of correctness. But nothing will ever get a perfect score so not sure how this is helpful. For now, you're always going to have to check LLM responses for accuracy.
04/29/2024 Optional It’s not only AI that hallucinates Nice to see a defense of LLMs for their occasional inaccuracies - the author points out that humans don't have impeccable recall either. But it's a meandering editorial with no real value - skip it.
04/29/2024 Optional Make Your LLM Fully Utilize the Context While the research on enhancing LLMs' context utilization is of academic interest, we're not convinced of immediate practical applications or significant breakthroughs.
04/30/2024 Essential NIST launches a new platform to assess generative AI A government entity is taking the lead on developing and enforcing GenAI standards - the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a new program, NIST GenAI, that will release benchmarks, help create “content authenticity” detection (i.e. deepfake-checking) systems and encourage the development of software to spot the source of fake or misleading AI-generated information.
04/30/2024 Important GitHub Copilot can now help start a project with AI, not just complete it GitHub Copilot will now have capabilities to start/design a software project. For developers, this is an important component that will make their work more efficient.
04/30/2024 Important Healthcare industry sees increased investment in generative AI, LLMs This article reports 300% growth in budgets allocated for generative AI projects in the healthcare and life sciences sectors according to one-fifth of the study participants. There is also useful statistics on GenAI applications development and deployment in these sectors.
04/30/2024 Optional Mysterious new model called gpt2-chatbot This is speculative news that is bound to create buzz but not worth a lot of attention. It's similar to the news in 2019 announcing that scientists developed an AI model that is so powerful that it is dangerous to release.
04/30/2024 Optional ChatGPT’s AI ‘memory’ can remember the preferences of paying customers The Memory functionality was announced in Feb 2024. Now this memory capability is available. More features are needed for it to become useful for industrial applications.
04/30/2024 Optional OpenAI licenses Financial Times’ content for ChatGPT OpenAI has been on a partnership mission lately. And, even though we believe that the partnership with Financial Times is powerful for both parties, it is one of many.
05/01/2024 Essential Siemens Xcelerator: Scaling Roll-out of Generative AI with Siemens Industrial Copilot A vertically integrated industrial GenAI tool from a market leader. It provides functionality to work with the underlying hardware, one of the most difficult components to design and manage. Also has private co-pilot sandboxes that will not be used for model training. A potential game changer for industrial applications.
05/01/2024 Important AI Startups Have Plenty of Cash. They Often Don’t Yet Have a Business. Thoughtful, skeptical article on AI revenue versus funding. A short article worth reading to reflect on the current status of the AI market.
05/01/2024 Important Amazon expands enterprise AI play with wider availability of its Q chatbot Amazon announced its Q chatbot in November 2023. However, new capabilities were added to Q ahead of general availability. Amazon Q Developer can now provide coding assistance, app testing, security scanning, troubleshooting, and call up AI agents that autonomously perform tasks like software updates or documenting code. Amazon Q Apps, another new feature, aims to make building generative AI-based apps easier, even for employees without coding experience. Amazon says users just have to describe the type of app they want in a prompt, and Q will generate the app they’re looking for.
05/01/2024 Important Yelp is launching a new AI assistant to help you connect with businesses Yelp's AI assistant is an advanced web search capability that provides customized content in response to a query, with links to businesses that can fulfill the request. If you are a business that gets volume from Yelp, this is essential news.
05/01/2024 Optional Ads for Explicit ‘AI Girlfriends’ Are Swarming Facebook and Instagram Interesting dynamics around the virtual versus real sex worker ads on Meta.
05/01/2024 Optional DressCode: Autoregressively Sewing and Generating Garments from Text Guidance Cool new GenAI tool to help create new fashions.
05/02/2024 Essential Atlassian launches Rovo, its new AI teammate Atlassian, one of the leaders in the data management space with its 300K customers, introduces Rovo that is focused on addressing an important challenge of internal data management tools proliferation within an enterprise. Not only Rovo offers to integrate the tools, it provides AI agents to act on the collected data, a critical performance advancement for knowledge workers.
05/02/2024 Essential Could generative AI work without online data theft? Nvidia's ChatRTX aims to prove it can A confirmation of a trend to provide secure access to user's local data at any time. Nvidia first introduced ChatRTX as “Chat with RTX” in February as a demo/experimental app. The app essentially creates a local chatbot server on your Windows PC that you can access from a browser to get a powerful search tool on your own data without compromising your data security. With this release NVIDIA added voice for query and extended the list of LLMs available for query.
05/02/2024 Important Anthropic’s Claude Teams and iOS App: The secure, scalable solution for enterprise AI adoption Anthropic, one of the AI market leaders, has been focused on data security and integrity in its products, As a result, it has achieved significant traction in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. Anthropic now extends its capabilities with teams' functionality and a mobile app making its products more accessible for broader enterprise adoption.
05/02/2024 Important RAG and RAU: A Survey on Retrieval-Augmented Language Model in Natural Language Processing Excellent survey paper on how Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and Understanding (RAU) work with LLMs and NLP. Worth taking time to read.
05/02/2024 Optional Samsung’s operating profit soars 930% as AI tailwinds drive demand for memory chips Not a surprising development but well deserved.
05/02/2024 Optional OpenAI’s Sora in ophthalmology: revolutionary generative AI in eye health Short article suggesting ways on how Sora could be used for eye health education.
05/03/2024 Essential The AI-Generated Population Is Here, and They’re Ready to Work Having the ability to create digital twins is a huge trend that will change the way we live. For example, having digital twins for customers and employees will be essential to learning and marketing.
05/03/2024 Important With Tribble, RFP writers get their own shot of generative AI Tribble is not alone in providing AI help for RFP responses. However, its founders are ex-Salesforce executives and have lived through the pain points. Sales in general, RFP responses and AI enabled Sales Engineers using "tactical AI" are certainly areas seeing much innovation from AI.
05/03/2024 Optional Stardog’s Karaoke offers on-premises, zero hallucination LLM solution for enterprises Smart use of knowledge graphs plus generative AI.
05/03/2024 Optional CoreWeave raises $1.1B to expand its GPU cloud infrastructure network This is a funding announcement. Interesting to see that investors are willing to put a lot of money into AI infrastructure at high valuations. If you are in need of additional GPU cycles, CoreWeave can provide them.
05/03/2024 Optional Better & Faster Large Language Models via Multi-token Prediction Interesting model training technique to perform multi token prediction. The method is showing good results in outperforming older methods. Something to watch if you are training your own LLMs.
05/03/2024 Optional An Ivy League school just announced its first AI master's degree Tremendous to see that there will be additional graduates to fill in-demand AI jobs.
05/06/2024 Important Four start-ups lead China’s race to match OpenAI’s ChatGPT Useful article to be aware of - Chinese efforts in LLMs and four specific start-ups (Zhipu AI, Moonshot AI, MiniMax and aspiring to beat ChatGPT.
05/06/2024 Optional SHISEIDO HK fuses creativity with AI in new branding campaign New combination of talent, AI and art in advertising. The resulting ads, however, are not yet very impressive. A trend to watch.
05/06/2024 Optional An Economic Solution to Copyright Challenges of Generative AI A research article presenting a clever but rather complicated method to share royalties to artists contributing to an LLM. An interesting potential solution to copyright challenges. However, it does not apply to text and, as a result, cannot be implemented broadly.
05/06/2024 Optional Brightcove integrates AWS’ generative AI assistant AWS customer announcement about a cloud streaming provider, Brightcove, implementing Amazon Q Business solution.
05/06/2024 Optional Walmart to use Generative AI to Help Reduce Food Waste in Stores Announcement from Walmart about an internally developed solution to provide guidance to employees on dealing with expiring food items to reduce food waste. Rating as optional since this application is not operational yet (about to be piloted in Canada). It is, however, an important use case to monitor.
05/06/2024 Optional Google Says Its Med-Gemini AI Healthcare Models Beat GPT-4 It is not surprising that LLMs fine-tuned for specific applications perform better than general purpose LLMs. Note that Med-Gemini is using contextual information - a trend to make generic LLMs much more effective.
05/07/2024 Essential Hugging Face launches LeRobot open source robotics code library Open source toolkits and data sources should help speed up the already accelerating area of robotics. Generative AI is helping to do planning in unmodeled places. For defense, healthcare, any company with a distribution center, and more - the robots are coming.
05/07/2024 Important UPS delivers customer wins with generative AI Another company using GenAI for customer service with plans to do much more in finance, HR and sales. If your business has a significant customer service element and you're not yet at least testing GenAI to improve response time and efficiency, you're falling behind.
05/07/2024 Important Stack Overflow signs deal with OpenAI to supply data to its models While there's nothing actionable here for the AI leader, it's important to stay aware of how information delivery/consumption is evolving with chatbots becoming pervasive. Stack Overflow has been THE go-to for developers for quite sometime, and the article notes traffic has been down since the use of GenAI coding assistants has become widespread. Content providers are adopting different strategies - some are making deals with LLM providers (eg, Axios, FT) and others are suing to keep their content out of models (eg, NYT). Who's got the right strategy and where will this all land?
05/07/2024 Important Meet MAI-1: Microsoft readies new model to compete with OpenIA, Google We have seen Microsoft release small models and here we're learning that they're also working on one that could compete with GPT-4 and Gemini - though not even Microsoft is certain it will reach that level of performance just yet. It will have about half as many parameters so it will be quite interesting to see if it does. Microsoft is clearly reducing its reliance on OpenAI, which is wise. Regulators may force the issue.
05/07/2024 Optional Randy Travis gets his voice back in a new Warner AI music experiment Two sides of the coin here regarding voice replication. Randy Travis gets to make a song he otherwise wouldn't have been able to produce since he lost his voice to a stroke. But then we see unwanted deepfakes of rapper voices. We already know the danger of deepfakes in scams, so these are not essential reads.
05/07/2024 Optional In the Battle of Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar, A.I. Is Playing Spoiler Two sides of the coin here regarding voice replication. Randy Travis gets to make a song he otherwise wouldn't have been able to produce since he lost his voice to a stroke. But then we see unwanted deepfakes of rapper voices. We already know the danger of deepfakes in scams, so these are not essential reads.
05/07/2024 Optional Alphabet-owned Intrinsic incorporates Nvidia tech into robotics platform Important news and advancements may come from this partnership down the line, but this announcement doesn't carry any.
05/08/2024 Important How VISA is using generative AI to battle account fraud attacks Here we have a company using its own data for a critical use case and advantage - something every company should be considering. That makes this news important, though the article spends too much time educating the reader on types of attacks. Skim those parts but take away the main message.
05/08/2024 Important AI Copilots Are Changing How Coding Is Taught Great to see some areas of academia already adjusting the way they teach coding based on the emergence of coding assistants. No need to spend so much time on syntax, but they're moving more advanced skills like problem decomposition up in course syllabi and spending time on teaching testing and debugging - critical skills to assess coding assistant outputs.
05/08/2024 Optional Microsoft Creates Top Secret Generative AI Service for US Spies Microsoft's ties with the government sure run deep, even as the government is coming down on them for security issues. Wouldn't it be interesting to have access to this model built just for the CIA and other intelligence agencies using their classified data? As you can imagine, it's strictly on-prem signaling the government has some nice compute power.
05/08/2024 Optional Apple Is Developing AI Chips for Data Centers, Seeking Edge in Arms Race The article notes this isn't even confirmed yet, and even if true, not surprising or notable.
05/08/2024 Optional Nike developing AI model as part of design step change Nike is working on its own LLM customized with its data - as we mentioned earlier, that's something everyone should explore. The personalized shoes they made for some of their athletes are pretty cool-looking, but Nike shared no tangible benefits so parking this one in the optional lot.
05/08/2024 Optional OpenAI says it’s building a tool to let content creators opt out of AI training The tool isn't ready and this, of course, comes after they've already built their LLMs using everyone's data without permission.
05/08/2024 Optional OpenAI strikes licensing deal with the magazine giant behind People Another deal, another day. If by some chance, the courts make OpenAI trash the models they already built because they used content without permission, they're building up their training data stable. Also, if OpenAI is building a search engine as is rumored, these deals will be helpful.
05/09/2024 Essential Google DeepMind debuts huge AlphaFold update and free proteomics-as-a-service web app The most significant improvement in this newest version of AlphaFold is that researchers can now model how a synthesized protein might interact with other proteins or even with RNA and DNA strands. That speeds up an important step in drug discovery since protein interaction is what makes things happen. We only wish they were open sourcing the full model - they're only providing researchers with free access to a limited version.
05/09/2024 Essential Microsoft is ‘turning everyone into a prompt engineer’ with new Copilot AI features Copilot will soon have an autocomplete feature to help people create more effective prompts. We're flagging this as an essential development because users still struggle to create prompts that unlock the power of GenAI. This should help adoption - and it's also another step toward automating prompt engineering. For the AI leaders dealing with skeptics, this should bolster their case for adoption.
05/09/2024 Important ServiceNow and Microsoft expand strategic alliance, combining generative AI capabilities to enhance choice and flexibility Two GenAI systems (Copilot and ServiceNow's Assist) interacting and handing off tasks to each other sounds like the early stages of agentic systems to us so we're marking this one important.
05/09/2024 Optional Introducing the Model Spec This article from OpenAI shares the principles they follow to guide GenAI's behavior. It offers guidance and opens interesting questions to any organization training models. Determining how we make these systems reflect societal norms and values is not easy and is hotly debated. For example, should a system convince a flat-earther that our planet is round? According to this model spec, the answer is 'no.'
05/09/2024 Optional 1 in 6 Contact Centers Have Deployed GenAI Capabilities, Finds Deloitte A lot of data cherry picking here to make the case that every organization should use GenAI in customer service. While we believe that is the right move, this survey doesn't really do a great job at proving the point. We are surprised, however, that only 1 in 6 service centers are using GenAI at this point.
05/09/2024 Optional Holiday decor retailer Balsam Brands analyzes data with generative AI This is a republished press release from SoundCommerce, one of the providers Balsam is tapping along with Snowflake. And it's not even clear how they'll use GenAI. Skip it.
05/10/2024 Essential Brands are unleashing generative AI design tools for customers Our analysts got very excited about this article that shares how Reebok, Adore Me and others are letting consumers generate their own designs with GenAI and then providing them with digital versions to use in games and other online forums as well as physical versions in some cases. Personalization at scale is finally arriving.
05/10/2024 Important Leaked Deck Reveals How OpenAI Is Pitching Publisher Partnerships This deck seems to confirm that OpenAI is making a play in search. It offers publishers who strike a licensing deal with OpenAI a few options for linking to their content in ChatGPT responses. From the article: "In an anchor treatment, branded, clickable buttons appear below ChatGPT’s response to a user query. And the in-line product inserts a pullquote into the text of ChatGPT’s response, whose font is larger and includes a clickable, branded link." Game on, Google.
05/10/2024 Important SoundHound AI and Perplexity Partner to Bring Online LLMs to Next Gen Voice Assistants Across Cars and IoT Devices SoundHound is an established AI-powered voice recognition provider so this is a nice move for Perplexity whose GenAI-driven Q&A service has been gaining traction. SoundHound is using it to offer real-time info to its customers' products. GenAI is gradually seeping into many areas.
05/10/2024 Important Meet AdVon, the AI-Powered Content Monster Infecting the Media Industry Well-researched article on the way some notable publishers (eg Sports Illustrated, Us, LA Times) have used services like AdVon to create zero-value clickbait content from fake writers that drives traffic to publishers' sites. As you can imagine, GenAI is supercharging such services. Reader beware...
05/10/2024 Optional California to tap generative AI tools to increase services access, reduce traffic jams Nice to see innovation from the government sector. They're fielding proposals from OpenAI and others at the cost of only $1 (we thought this was a typo at first!). But not of significant note to the AI leader.
05/10/2024 Optional Introducing Command R Fine-Tuning: Industry-Leading Performance at a Fraction of the Cost Cohere continues its recent positioning as a low-cost LLM alternative by showing how its smaller model (R+ is its bigger one) can offer performance similar to larger models for some tasks like summarization when fine-tuned. AI leaders are likely already aware that fine-tuning smaller models can do this so marking as optional.
05/13/2024 Essential AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part This research from Microsoft is of course self-serving but there are lots of interesting stats on GenAI usage in business, how it might affect roles and more. Plenty of hard data to support you as you look to implement AI in your organization. Our analyst Adam Rappaport created a CustomGPT to help you explore the report.
05/13/2024 Important How AI Has Already Begun to Change These Workers’ Jobs Nice piece from the WSJ showing how people in various industries (e.g., real estate, healthcare, entertainment) are using GenAI in their work. We didn't elevate to essential because these are individual uses rather than at-scale implementations across an org, but still worth a read.
05/13/2024 Important Prompting assistance with Claude As we know, prompting is tricky, and people often are ineffective at it, which makes them forego using GenAI. This is a move in the direction of taking prompting out of the equation, though it doesn't quite go that far. Still helpful and another way Claude is showing itself worthy of being in the SoA LLM tier.
05/13/2024 Important Agent Hospital: A Simulacrum of Hospital with Evolvable Medical Agents The researchers use simulation to train a model as opposed to fine-tuning or other common methods and achieve good results. Could be a method to train when there's limited data available. Worth a read.
05/13/2024 Optional RadOnc-GPT: Leveraging Meta Llama for a pioneering radiation oncology model We almost went to important on this Llama-2 based model but ultimately landed on optional because it was vague on how/whether the model is actually in use.
05/13/2024 Optional Triomics taps LLMs to accelerate cancer care, raises $15M While Y Combinator is in on this funding round, it still amounts to a funding announcement. The company notes it's working with a handful of companies but none are named and a handful is, well, just a handful. Let's see how this pans out further down the line, though, since cancer care is a hugely important area.
05/14/2024 Essential Hello GPT-4o OpenAI's post about their latest updates is an absolute must read (and 'view' of their videos) for the AI leader.
05/14/2024 Important OpenAI’s custom GPT Store is now open to all for free. The GPTs are now available to anyone to use, though still only Plus subscribers can create a GPT.
05/14/2024 Important Alibaba says its Tongyi Qianwen AI models are used by over 90,000 corporate clients in China. Anyone staying up to date on the latest AI research knows that China is very much alive and well as a leader in the space.
05/14/2024 Important The consequences of generative AI for online knowledge communities. Interesting study that looks at the implications in the decline in usage of Stack Overflow.
05/14/2024 Optional Nvidia launches quantum computer centers with CUDA-Q platform. The intersection of AI and quantum computing is certainly a space to keep an eye on, but this particular news is not of note to the busy AI leader.
05/14/2024 Optional Exploration-focused training lets robotics AI immediately handle new tasks. A group of Northwestern University researchers may be onto a method that would help robots learn more efficiently.
05/15/2024 Essential Google reveals plans for upgrading AI in the real world through Gemini Live at Google I/O 2024 Did Google Live look a lot like what we saw from OpenAI's 4o earlier this week? Yes. Is it available yet? No. While frustrating that Google did a lot of previewing of new offerings and functionality that have no clear time line for availability other than 'this year,' it's still important for the AI leader to understand what each of the ponies in what's increasingly a two-horse race offers.
05/15/2024 Essential Google I/O 2024: Everything announced so far This article goes through the full laundry list of GenAI-powered offerings coming from Google, making it tough to absorb, but the AI leader needs to go through it. Our analysts all had different favorites among the upcoming features (watch the first 10 minutes of today's briefing to see what they were). But one thing we agreed on - a future where our workspace is fully AI-powered, personalized, and completely controlled through voice interaction is now a real and exciting possibility. Our youngest grandkids may laugh at us when we show them a keyboard. One thing we didn't mention on our morning briefing but should have: the expected price wars are now in full swing. Both OpenAI and Google have dropped pricing this week to attract users.
05/15/2024 Important How Generative AI Is Remaking UI/UX Design This piece from Andreesen shares the ways that generative AI is making the app development workflow easier as designs get translated into code. Most AI leaders do double duty as CIO or CTO so it's important to be aware of the tools now available for this. As they often do in these types of pieces, Andreesen provides a great chart showing the tools available for each stage of the process.
05/15/2024 Optional Fintech firm Klarna says 90% of its employees are using generative AI daily Not sure we believe this figure, but even if it's real, the article isn't worth reading. Stick to the headline.
05/15/2024 Optional Women Leaders in Tech Outpace Men Counterparts in Generative AI Adoption We had a visceral reaction to this (including from our Luda Kopeikina.) First of all, the overall difference between female and male users was 68% vs 66%. Second, there are so many more amazing accomplishments by women in tech and places where they outshine men to focus on. C'mon, BCG. Your content is typically better than this.
05/16/2024 Important Microsoft's carbon emissions have increase 30% since 2023 due to data center expansion While the emissions increase is attributed to building data centers as opposed to their use, it's likely some strategic carbon accounting and clean energy credit purchases offsetting the running of their data centers which have surely cranked up this year due to GenAI's energy demands. The industry needs to solve for this before regulators step in further than they already have which could slow GenAI development and adoption. And AI leaders will need to track their own emissions through cloud use for CSRD and potentially soon for US regulators.
05/16/2024 Optional Deloitte Digital Introduces CreativEdge: A Generative AI-powered, Omnichannel, Content Creation Tool That Can Revolutionize Marketing Great that they've designed this solution but dozens of startups offer similar ones that you can get without paying for consulting services.
05/16/2024 Optional TD Bank launches generative AI platforms for contact centres, engineering teams This is an announcement about pilots rather than production use cases and they're in what's become table stakes areas - coding and customer service.
05/16/2024 Optional Verizon using generative AI to do customer service better Another call center implementation. At least this one is in production. Still kept it as optional since all you need to know is the headline.
05/16/2024 Optional Weka raises $140M as the AI boom bolsters data platforms Worth taking a look at the data pipeline offering from this established player with 11 of the Fortune 50 as clients but the article is no more than a funding announcement.
05/16/2024 Optional Anthropic hires Instagram co-founder as head of product After a bevy of announcements from Google and OpenAI this week, we get this from Anthropic. Good to see that they'll be focused on productizing some offerings going forward. We increasingly hear of companies and individual users exploring Anthropic's offerings given the SoA performance of its LLMs.
05/16/2024 Optional Moving past gen AI’s honeymoon phase A comprehensive piece on the challenges CIOs and other AI leaders face in implementing GenAI at scale with a nice architecture diagram but not enough detail on how to address them to warrant an important rating.
05/17/2024 Important OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever is officially leaving Signals a period of leadership upheaval at OpenAI - watch this development closely especially if you are building applications based on ChatGPT products. Also, we believe that it is a signal of OpenAI strongly focusing on commercial side versus its original mission of creating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) model that benefits all of humanity.
05/17/2024 Important Industrial Renaissance: Software Transforming the Physical World A somewhat marketing article from Bain Capital highlighting how AI is impacting software stacks integrated with hardware for industrial applications. This is an important read for supply chain, warehousing, robotics and other companies in the industrial space.
05/17/2024 Optional Nasdaq Enhances Global Market Surveillance with GenAI Nasdaq has earned respect for applying advanced analytics and machine learning in ensuring investors' trust in capital markets. It is continuing on this path with deployment of new AI surveillance capabilities based on Amazon Bedrock, an AWS service for building secure generative AI applications.
05/17/2024 Optional AI Talks Leave ‘Little Tech’ Out An opinion from WSJ worthy of note. It argues that imposing strict government AI regulations will favor the current AI leaders such as large companies Microsoft and Google, creating barriers for smaller start-ups.
05/17/2024 Optional Hugging Face is sharing $10 million worth of compute to help beat the big AI companies We applaud Hugging Face for the gesture. However, how far will it go to help the open source community and is it really a marketing piece?
05/17/2024 Optional Aurora Supercomputer Ranks Fastest for AI Another milestone reached by Intel - it has broken the exascale barrier at 1.012 exaflops and is the fastest AI system in the world dedicated to AI for open science, achieving 10.6 AI exaflops. Early success stories using the system from Argonne National Laboratory include mapping the human brain’s 80 billion neurons, high-energy particle physics enhanced by deep learning, and drug design and discovery accelerated by machine learning, among others.
05/20/2024 Essential Slack users horrified to discover messages used for AI training Slack's policies seems to leave the door open for them to use customer data to train their models though they claim they don't. And you have to opt out via your Slack administrator rather than opt in. The confusion has caused some users to get angry and point out the discrepancies. Essential for AI leaders (and any organizational leader) to understand if their private data is being used for training by their service providers so we marked this essential (and here we provide a better article about the issue than the one we reviewed on our briefing this morning).
05/20/2024 Important Gen AI and cloud optimization help Asian SuperApp Grab turn a profit This Singaporean company (which is akin to Uber in the US) has cut 18% of its staff citing GenAI as at least part of the impetus. And, it says, thanks to this and the performance of GenAI, they've turned a profit for the first time. The company says content creation went from taking 99 hours to 90 minutes. Important for AI leaders to see that GenAI truly drives such efficiency. And important for everyone to understand the need to upskill to avoid being one of the employees falling victim to cuts.
05/20/2024 Important Replit cuts staff by 30 amid aggressive AI push in software development This is important for the same reason as the previous article - 16% of staff cut here due to GenAI.
05/20/2024 Optional Law firms start generative AI rollout, with safeguards Of note for anyone in the legal space but optional for others. One good nugget from this one, though - a major law firm in Australia offered a significant $20K 'prize' for employees to submit use cases for GenAI which helped them find killer use cases. An approach any AI leader could consider.
05/20/2024 Optional RLHF Workflow: From Reward Modeling to Online RLHF We marked this as optional for now because we want to see if this training method has legs. It's one to watch - rather than using human annotators, it uses AI to provide feedback on LLM responses and achieves some pretty good results. Could offer a way for companies that might not have the human resources for human-led RLHF.
05/20/2024 Optional Microsoft risks billions in fines as EU investigates its generative AI disclosures Microsoft missed an EU deadline for providing information on AI safety and was given an extension and a warning that if they don't deliver, they could be fined. Not an essential read.
05/20/2024 Optional OpenAI researcher resigns, claiming safety has taken ‘a backseat to shiny products’ We only marked this as optional because we already flagged the departure of safety lead Ilya Sutskever as important on Friday. This is another departure from the same team. Here's another good article talking about all the tumult at OpenAI around this if you're interested.
05/21/2024 Essential Microsoft wants to make Windows an AI operating system, launches Copilot+ PCs We knew something like this would be coming and here it is. 40 generative AI models power this new OS and deliver some great capabilities. The AI can view what you're doing on-screen and you can interact with it verbally in natural language in real-time as you work. And you get capabilities that are performed locally so your data is safe. No doubt this is an essential development.
05/21/2024 Essential Google’s broken link to the web Great commentary about the slow death of search as we know it and the implications for creators, publishers and any brand that relies on traditional search advertising (which is pretty much every brand). Anyone in business needs to track the trends here and should be preparing for changes now.
05/21/2024 Important Scarlett Johansson told OpenAI not to use her voice — and she’s not happy they might have anyway We believe OpenAI's contention that this is not Scarlett's voice. However, whether they intended the voice to sound like her or not, Altman made enough overtures to 'Her' to imply that they may have. The implications for companies using AI-generated voice are clear - this is tricky territory with real implications. AI leaders must be prepared to navigate the use of voice in their apps carefully.
05/21/2024 Important Dell Technologies building AI Factory with Nvidia, growing AI efforts with Hugging Face, Meta and Microsoft If you're planning to infuse, for example, customer service with GenAI capabilities, you need to think about your infrastructure and Dell has a smart implementation here. Worth noting.
05/21/2024 Optional INDUS: Effective and Efficient Language Models for Scientific Applications As our John Sviokla noted, this is 'good for the geeks' in that models can get smart on science, but this is optional for most AI leaders.
05/21/2024 Optional ChatGPT’s mobile app revenue saw its biggest spike yet following GPT-4o launch An interesting and smart move by OpenAI to offer access to its new 4o model for free on desktop but require a subscription to the mobile app. They generated $4.2M in revenue from this in less than a week. But that's all you need to know here.
05/21/2024 Optional AI is already changing management — companies must decide how We love Ethan Mollick and consider him a true GenAI thought leader but his thoughts in this editorial are more theoretical than actionable. There's a lot better content from him that's worth spending time on.
05/22/2024 Essential Introducing Tako, a new way to reference real knowledge And our first integration, Perplexity Tako, an advanced knowledge search and visualization engine, is partnering with Perplexity's answer engine, creating a revolutionary capability that will make many applications across the enterprise visual and user friendly. Amazing combination of real data with visualization.
05/22/2024 Important IBM Unveils Next Chapter of watsonx with Open Source, Product & Ecosystem Innovations to Drive Enterprise AI at Scale IBM announces its commitment to Open Source by releasing a set of advanced LLMs into open source, partnering with Red Hat, integrating AI into products and consulting, and strengthening partnerships with many leading AI providers, such as Microsoft, AWS, Meta, SAP and Salesforce. Essential for IBM existing customers.
05/22/2024 Important Five ways criminals are using AI Generative AI provides a new, powerful tool kit that allows malicious actors to work far more efficiently and internationally than ever before. An essential read for leaders to understand the next wave of malicious attacks to get prepared for.
05/22/2024 Important Microsoft Build 2024: everything announced Microsoft announced a set of cool new capabilities at its Build 2024 event, expanding Copilot with autonomous agents and adding AI to Windows clipboard. The company also rolled out Phi-3-vision, a new version of the Phi-3 AI model it announced in April. It’s multimodal and can read text and look at pictures, but it’s a small language model that’s compact enough to work on a mobile device.
05/22/2024 Important Mapping the Mind of a Large Language Model Vital new work from Anthropic in model transparency and thus, increased safety. Using 'dictionary learning' researchers successfully extracted features from the middle layer of Claude 3.0 Sonnet, providing a rough conceptual map of its internal states halfway through its computation. This is the first ever detailed look inside a modern, production-grade large language model that will provide insight on increasing models' safety.
05/22/2024 Optional Data-labeling startup Scale AI raises $1B as valuation doubles to $13.8B A funding announcement from Scale AI working in a vital area of providing data-labeling services to companies that want to train machine learning models.
05/23/2024 Essential OpenAI, WSJ Owner News Corp Strike Content Deal Valued at Over $250 Million The article highlights two mega shifts happening in the media industry. One, the power of distribution is winning over content creation demonstrated by the low number, $50MM a year, that WSJ will get from the partnership. Second, a fight for traffic and advertising revenue is on. Publishers are concerned that AI-powered search tools, such as Bing/OpenAI and Google, will serve up complete answers based on news content, eliminating a user's need to click on an article link and depriving publishers of traffic and advertising revenue. How will this fight play out?
05/23/2024 Important Nvidia’s Sales Triple, Signaling AI Boom’s Staying Power Nvidia reports impressive financial results, revenue and profit, due to increased demand for its AI chips, - signaling further significant AI growth. Nvidia has already made several shrewd acquisitions. With additional money this trend is likely to continue making Nvidia hard to dislodge as a leader in AI hardware.
05/23/2024 Important Meta AI chief says large language models will not reach human intelligence A well written article presenting an opinion from a well recognized technical leader in GenAI stating that LLMs will not reach human intelligence due to their innate technical limitations. This opinion goes counter to a pervasive belief that, since LLMs are so good at so many things, they will be as humans at some point. Certainly worth reading to understand the limitations of the current LLMs.
05/23/2024 Optional Mastercard Doubles Speed of Fraud Detection with Generative AI Mastercard reports faster, better fraud detection with GenAI reconfirming its previous statements in this regard. It is interesting to note that their GenAI model is able to predict the behavior of individuals and groups.
05/23/2024 Optional Gen Z loves generative AI-powered customer service chat: Affirm CEO Believable assertion by Affirm's CEO that GenZ prefers robot customer help, - confirming that, when done right, AI assistants can get to the 'meat of the matter' faster and provide the needed answer.
05/23/2024 Optional Snowflake acquires TruEra to deliver LLM observability inside data cloud With this acquisition, Snowflake, an AI cloud data provider, is bolstering its efforts to give its customers an end-to-end platform to build generative and predictive AI applications using the data hosted on their Snowflake data cloud. TruEra will add tools to test, debug and monitor machine language (ML) models and large language model (LLM) apps in production. This is the third Snowflake's acquisition in the observability space.
05/24/2024 Essential The Foundation Model Transparency Index A comprehensive evaluation index for foundation models enabling leaders to have more insight into models before selecting the right one for their projects.
05/24/2024 Essential JPMorgan's private bank is launching a generative AI tool. A top exec walks us through her tech strategy and how she wants to transform bankers' jobs. Great example of a leading large firm transforming a key business using AI. Note that the person leading the effort does not have the tech background but is highly knowledgeable in the processes of the business being transformed.
05/24/2024 Important Google Cloud Consulting launches Generative AI Ops to assist in enterprise AI deployments Even though it is a product announcement, we rate this article as important because it provides in-depth insight into steps, such as prompt engineering, design and optimization, that are necessary in order to take an idea for using GenAI into production and ensure high-quality, accurate outputs.
05/24/2024 Important The Guide to AI Agents AI agents will play a critical role in the future of AI. This brief but comprehensive article written for non-techies provides a great overview of AI agents. Certainly worth a read, especially when it is coming from two co-founders who had senior positions at Salesforce, Facebook and Google. Bret Taylor serves on the board of OpenAI.
05/24/2024 Optional Airline to 'better manage' flights with AI use A use case article on using AI for scheduling and other tasks to optimize airline efficiency.
05/24/2024 Optional Truecaller partners with Microsoft to let its AI respond to calls in your own voice A product announcement from Truecaller, the widely known caller ID service app, offering its customers a feature to respond to calls in their own voice. Watch this trend of adding every individual's voice to the robots that can change the nature of interaction.

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