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This program aim to improve the public/private partnership in New England to attract and retain AI talent.

  • We are just getting organized.  Contact if you are interested in helping.
  • Here is a shared Google doc with much more information

A brief overview

AI Blueprint for MA (placeholder name)


What is this?  AL Blueprint for MA (placeholder name) is an effort to see if there is value in better coordinating public and private efforts related to AI to benefit the greater region. 

Who is behind this?  Paul Baier at GAI Insights is helping coordinate communication and he has organized monthly Zooms calls to get ideas and foster work in this area.  He welcomes volunteer help to make progress.

What is the goal: The goal is to identify a “Coalition of the Willing” to improve AI public/private partnership to attract and retain AI talent in the region  at this AI moment


Sample problem statements 

  • Fidelity decides to staff 6 AI jobs not in Boston because they can’t find talent
  • A very promising AI startup out of a university moves to CA and employs 50 AI engineers 1 year later
  • A very promising new professor candidate turns down an offer from an MA-based university because she doesn’t think Boston is a town doing cutting-edge AI research
  • A traditional manufacturing company wants to hire AI talent instead of Accenture but can’t find any in the greater Boston area 



  • East Coast Hubs (Boston, New York, Washington-Baltimore) grow AI employee base at 30-57%, exceeding West Coast’s/Silicon Valley 18% growth.
  • East Coast hubs hosts 53% of top AI universities, fostering a strong talent pipeline (compared to West Coast at 27%).


Some questions to discuss

  1. Is this an opportunity for the State of MI and the greater Boston area?  What specifically is the opportunity or vision?
  2. What are the core problems? (cost of living?  not enough mega startup winners?)
  3. What has worked well in the past that we should do more of?
  4. What is working well in other regions (Vector Institute and Mila in Canada, Stanford and State of CA, Engage.VC in Atlanta? )
  5. What are sensible next steps?