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GenAI is Killer App for B2B sales

Can you afford NOT to upskill your sales and sales ops teams on the stunning power of ChatGPT/GenAI?


Sales, Sales, Sales.

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Sales productivity is an essential aspect of any business. We have been conducting a lot of employee GenAI training with companies. These sessions typically cover GenAI 101 overviews for employees from many departments. Afterward, we often receive requests for training for specific functional areas.

Sales is one department where we observe significant ROI for sales professionals willing to embrace these new tools to enhance their productivity.

Here are some of the ChatGPT use cases for sales cases that we cover in our training:

  • Problem-solution framing.

  • Prospecting (including personalized emails, humorous follow-up emails, etc.).

  • Creation of lead sheets.

  • Analysis of competitors.

  • Refinement of messages for competitive differentiation.

  • Message tailoring for a prospect who is a big-picture thinker, and another approach for a prospect focused on implementation.

  • Analyzing and responding to large RFPs.

  • Value proposition tailored to specific roles within the prospect organization (e.g., CTO vs. Line Manager).

  • Handling of objections.

  • Improvement of RFP responses.

  • Generation of MEDDICC outputs to pose industry-specific questions.

  • Creation of SPIN analysis to address objections.

  • Analyze prospect NDAs, MSAs and other contracts.

  • Administrative tasks (such as summarizing meeting transcripts, and formatting emails for CRM entry).

We now offer a public online class for $495. The next one is Monday, Feb 19 at 4p ET / 1p PTp (Readers of this email will receive 50% off if they contact me). Here is the value proposition: For a $495 investment and 90-minute of your time, attend a GenAI online class taught by a real person who is an expert. Learn from a human in a small class environment to drive 10-20% productivity improvement that will drive money into your pocket.

Here is a short video overview of our GenAI Training of the GenAI training we have been doing.






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