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Learning Lab 10/23: Elizabeth Updates Case study using CustomGPT


Elizabeth updates the Learning Lab on progress since her initial presentation of her project.

Summary provided by YouTube Summary with ChatGPT4

  • The speaker is a consultant in the nonprofit sector and has created a chatbot, Nonprofit AMA, aimed at answering questions for professionals in smaller nonprofit organizations. The bot is designed to help these organizations, where resources and expertise may be limited.

  • The chatbot is built using custom GPT and is trained on curated, high-quality resources. The speaker was offered a discounted plan for the platform after a previous presentation. They had initially trained the bot on PDFs but later realized that they needed to include trusted websites to enhance its knowledge base.

  • The speaker highlighted the importance of reliability for the AI tools being used in the nonprofit sector, especially given the mission-critical work they're involved in. They felt existing AI tools like chat GPT were not reliable enough for their specific needs, sometimes offering creative but inaccurate answers.

  • The bot has received a moderate amount of user interaction and generally answers questions successfully. However, there are challenges around data limitations in terms of the information the bot can access, and there are also occasional issues where the bot hallucinates or makes up answers.

  • In terms of future development, there is room for improvement in the bot's capabilities. The speaker is looking at ways to overcome data limitations and is considering implementing features like voice interaction for accessibility. The aim is to make the tool as reliable and helpful as possible for nonprofits.

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