Learn from people who have actually implemented GenAI

  • Speakers from Fortune 500 Firms, Innovative AI Startups, Harvard Business School, MIT and more will share lessons on project and technology selection, ROI calculation, team organization structure, data and IP approach, and lessons learned.


Attend breakout sessions for Life Sciences/Healthcare, Financial Services, Customer Services, and GenAI 101

  • Participate in in-depth sessions on conference tracks for Life Sciences/HealthCare, Financial Services, Customer Service, GenAI 101. Learn from case studies specific to your industry or customer service. For those just starting out in GenAI, learn the dos and don'ts of incorporating GenAI into your organization


Accelerate your AI team's knowledge and strengthen your GenAI strategy

  • Have your AI Team attend the conference (last year several companies sent teams of 5-7 people) to learn and bond together. This is great way to supercharge understanding and refine implementation plans.


Network with GenAI early adopters

  • GAI insights is a membership organization and we have an active global community of 3,000 members. Each week, we connect and help dozens of companies and our GenAI expert network answers dozens of questions. As a member, you will find us working hard to be your most valuable GenAI partner. An investment of time and money to attend is not just a conference transaction-- join us.


Join our global community

  • Meet 400 influential thought leaders, CEOs, board members, and top-level executives who are driving AI innovation across industries and learn from AI early adopters and pioneers.