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Dr. John J. Sviokla: 3 Takeaways on AI

 At Generative AI World, we heard from Dr. John J Sviokla, co-founder of GAI Insights and former business leader at PwC; here are three of his main points:

  1. Sviokla and his team have built a framework called WINS for evaluating companies that employ people to work with words, images, numbers and/or sounds – because these are some of the firms that are going to be impacted the most by AI. “They’re doing it all in a digital environment,” he said.
  2.  Sviokla expects radical change to occur within five years – and for businesses to lose access to capital and talent, potentially, unless they act.
  3.  AI is going to be the most democratizing technology since the book – “this isn't fluff,” he said of current interest in the technology. “There's going to be hype, but (AI) is here to stay.” 
Top Quotes
“The way I do presentations and think, now that I have these generative tools, is completely different.”

“These termites (AI analogy) are going to show up, and we think … maybe in 24 months, maybe in 48 months, definitely in 60 months.”

“I don't think machines will think like people – birds don't fly like airplanes. They fly differently, but they both fly. Machines think, people think – they're different.” 

More from Sviokla:
He noted that ChatGPT has gotten to 10 million monthly active users in two months, compared to much longer time frames for preceding technologies.
He talked about the various quadrants of his WINS model – holding a level, in the crucible, in the balcony, and next in line, as ways to label enterprise.
He talked about the “customization of all media,” and presented radical efficiencies in video as just one example of what AI is capable of.
Get the full video of Sviokla’s speech at the conference with a Basic Membership ($89/year) to GAI Insights.
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